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Getting To Know Adobe After Effects by Adobe Certified Instructor, Hussin Khan


Getting To Know Adobe After Effects by Adobe Certified Instructor, Hussin Khan

Welcome to a new tutorial series by Adobe Certified Instructor, Hussin Khan. This video series will cover Adobe After Effects from Basics to Advanced topics. It's perfect for beginners and for those whom have been using After Effects for a while now, you can learn the latest features available in After Effects...

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Get a FREE Blender file to practise your 3D Skills!

Hey there! Below is a link to the Blender file of the image we made for you! Please download the use it to practise your Blender skills.

Download the file here:

Don't know where to begin...we have FREE video for you:

If you want a COMPLETE training, why not check our our full training with a 50% discount here:  ...

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Uncategorized Oct 09, 2020

Kamal Faisal wanted to learn 3D from basics and he chose the right place to get started. With zero knowledge, Kamal managed to model, texture, light and render a 3D scene in just 5 days of training using #Blender3D

He was trained by our very own, Asrul Nasirudin, who has been using Blender for a good 6-7 years!

Check out our various Blender courses here:


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Adobe After Effects 2020 and Cinema 4D Lite Round Trip 3D Pipeline



Not many After Effects users are aware that there is a 3D pipeline built in After Effects via the Cinema 4D Lite plugin. In this tutorial, Adobe Certified Instructor, Hussin Khan covers the workflow of how to add CGI/3D objects into your After Effects composition using the 3D Tracker and Cineware plugin.

You'll learn:


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'Giving Life To Animation' with Safuan Shahril of WAU Animation

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2020

This is a 1-day Online Animation Workshop Organised by EFXCO SDN BHD. The objective is to teach you the basic building blocks of Animation using Blender 3D, among other interesting topics. 


  1. Principles of Animation (the modern take)
  2. The Animation Workflow (brainstorming ideas, showing the right method before animating)
  3. Eloquence & Gesture (exploring full body poses...
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Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC Content Aware Tool


In this video Head Trainer, Asrul Nasirudin shows how to use the Photoshop Content Aware tool. This is one of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools built into Adobe Photoshop 2020.

EFXCO is an Authorised Training & Certification for ADOBE, UNITY, NUKE & SUBSTANCE PAINTER/DESIGNER based in Cyberjaya Malaysia.

Connect/Follow us on;


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EFXCO Public Training June 2020 Calendar

Hi everyone! Our June 2020 public training calendar is out! As you can see we're starting to get busy with our trainings...feel free to browse our new website for ALL our courses, including the NEW Pro-Cert (professional certification courses)...

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Tutorial Blender 2.8 BAHASA MELAYU (Bahagian 2) Blender 2.8 Tutorial For Beginners MALAY (Part 2)

2020 blender efxco tutorial Jun 05, 2020

BLENDER 2.8 merupakan suatu perisian 3D yang dinanti-nanti dengan antaramuka baharu dan kemudahan menggunakannya. Blender merupakan perisian grafik komputer 3D sumber terbuka yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan filem animasi, kesan visual, seni, model 3D yang dicetak, grafik gerak, aplikasi 3D interaktif dan permainan komputer. Kami di EFXCO akan menghasilkan tutorial Blender yang mudah difahami...

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We're Open! New Look, New Website, New Services & New Promotion!


We have re-opened for our public classes with a brand new look and website! We have added two new services - our 1:1 Online Coaching with our Expert Trainers and On-Demand Courses!

In conjunction with our re-opening (with strict compliance to CMCO) we are giving a special 10% discount for ALL our courses from now till end of August 2020.


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NEW Tutorial! Create Countdown Timers For Your Live Webinars in Adobe After Effects

adobe aftereffects efxco howto May 11, 2020

Create Countdown Timers for your Live Webinars in Adobe After Effects

Here's a quick way to create looping "timers" for your Live Streaming. Let your audience wait in anticipation whilst counting down with you.

Here's the expression I used to make a 5 minute countdown;
(thank you

st = 60;
t = st - time;
c = timeToTimecode(t);
c = c.substring(6,8)

EFXCO is an Authorised...

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