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Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC Content Aware Tool


In this video Head Trainer, Asrul Nasirudin shows how to use the Photoshop Content Aware tool. This is one of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools built into Adobe Photoshop 2020.

EFXCO is an Authorised Training & Certification for ADOBE, UNITY, NUKE & SUBSTANCE PAINTER/DESIGNER based in Cyberjaya Malaysia.

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NEW Tutorial! Create Countdown Timers For Your Live Webinars in Adobe After Effects

adobe aftereffects efxco howto May 11, 2020

Create Countdown Timers for your Live Webinars in Adobe After Effects

Here's a quick way to create looping "timers" for your Live Streaming. Let your audience wait in anticipation whilst counting down with you.

Here's the expression I used to make a 5 minute countdown;
(thank you

st = 60;
t = st - time;
c = timeToTimecode(t);
c = c.substring(6,8)

EFXCO is an Authorised...

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