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Blender 3D Complete Rigging & Animation

This is a Blender Rigging and Animation program to make you production-ready as a 3D Rigger and Animator. You'll be able to apply for a job or start your own 3D projects.

You'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of Rigging in CG 
  • Introduction to the Basics of Rigging and Bones 
  • Introduction to Rigging Tools in Blender 
  • Rigging a Ball 
  • Introduction to bones and deformers 
  • Setting up controllers - Introduction to constraints 
  • Animate the ball 
  • Mechanical Rigging 
  • Rigging a robot arm 
  • Introduction to FK & IK controls 
  • Animate the robot arm 
  • Character Rigging - Part 1 
  • Intro to Rigify 
  • Bone Placements 
  • Painting Skin Weights 
  • Character Rigging – Part 2 
  • Intro to Shape Keys – Blendshape – To create expressions 
  • Animate a character rig 
  • Animate a Walk-cycle