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Blender 3D Complete Lighting & Rendering

This is a Blender Lighting & Rendering program to make you production-ready as a Lighter and Renderer. You'll be able to apply for a job or start your own 3D projects.

You'll learn:

  • Blender Lighting Fundamentals
  • Lighting goals
  • Blender light types
  • Lighting in context
  • Light types
  • Creating lights
  • Placing lights
  • Learning Outcome 
  • Learn lighting fundamentals in Blender
  • Get to know render engines in Blender
  • Overview Internal render engine
  • Overview External render engine
  • Understanding the basics of Cycles
  • Understanding indirect lighting in cycles
  • Setting up Cycles
  • Cycles emission shader for lighting
  • Cycles sub-surface scattering (SSS)
  • Setting up image-based lighting in Blender
  • Overview real-time render engine
  • Get to know Blender real-time render engine
  • Setting up EEVEE
  • Shadows in EEVEE
  • Fix light bleeding
  • Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Reflection in EEVEE
  • Setting up reflection plane and cube map
  • Setting up Irradiance Volume
  • Controlling Depth of field
  • Volumetric lighting
  • Render transparency
  • Making own HDR image using Blender 3d scene
  • Render optimization overview
  • Using light portal
  • Render animation in Blender
  • Setup render passes
  • Setup render layers
  • Using compositors to combine render layers